Terms and Conditions



In addition to including certain content in the site's regulations, the Omnibus Directive requires the following obligations:

  1. 1. under the Omnibus Directive, the trader will also be required to inform the purchaser not only of the address of his business and the address for electronic correspondence, but will also be required to provide a telephone number where the purchaser can immediately contact the trader in question (so it must be an active number that will actually be operated by the trader or an employee designated for this purpose, actually answered by the trader, and not a bogus number that is de facto not operated by anyone). If the trader provides another means of online communication guaranteeing that the user can retain written correspondence with the trader, including the dates and times of such correspondence, on a durable medium, this information must also include details of these other means; all of these means of communication provided by the trader must enable the consumer to contact the trader quickly and communicate with him effectively.
  2. 2. Under the Omnibus Directive, it is prohibited:
    1. 1. the concealment by entrepreneurs of negative opinions/comments about themselves and the services they provide. That is, an entrepreneur will not be able to remove or hide comments critical of him;
    2. 2. publishing false reviews or having them published by people who have never purchased services from the entrepreneur.

    4. In addition, you should indicate on the page whether the entrepreneur verifies the opinions/comments added. The regulations do not make it mandatory to verify opinions/comments, but you should simply provide information on whether or not you do so. If you would like to verify the content of comments, then the Regulations would need to include information/description on how this verification of opinions takes place.
  1. 3. the possibility of downloading the Regulations to a permanent medium, i.e. downloading in pdf version, for example, must be added.
  2. 4. the previous version of the legal documents (historical) must also be available on the site, e.g. as a pdf file. It is best to post pdf files with the current version of the legal documents. You should also indicate on what dates previous versions were in effect. That is, there should be a history of documentation broken down by the periods they were in effect.
  3. 5. In the "Contact" tab, please provide contact information, including mailing (postal) address, email address and phone number.
  4. 6. in the checkbox include information that: "The duties related to the virtual currency exchange service are completely incumbent on the company __________, and therefore the company is responsible for the conclusion and execution of the contract between the customer and the company. The regulation as to the operation of the exchange on which the exchange of virtual currencies takes place is on that exchange, and the obligations related to the operation of the exchange are on the entity managing the exchange."
  5. 7. Very important! In order for the loss of the customer's right of withdrawal to be effective, we need to send the customer confirmation of receipt of consent to the delivery of digital content in circumstances that cause the loss of the right of withdrawal (that is, obtaining consent + sending confirmation to the user by email). We need to issue a confirmation to the customer in documentary form or, with the user's consent, on another durable medium, that he or she has agreed not to cancel the contract.

    There must be a checkbox on the page that reads: "Since in the situation of making a virtual currency exchange transaction there is a delivery of digital content not delivered on a tangible medium, for which the customer is obliged to pay the price, the customer gives his express and prior consent for the company to start providing the service, and the customer is informed before the performance starts that after the performance by the company he will lose the right to withdraw from the contract, and has acknowledged this, and the company has provided the customer with the confirmation referred to in Art. 15 (1) and (2) of the Consumer Rights Act, the customer loses the right to withdraw from the contract - Article 38 (1) (13) of the same Act. The customer agrees to receive confirmation of the loss of the right to withdraw from the concluded contract via email from the company to the email address indicated by the customer."

    Please contact us before uploading materials to the site, we will also determine additional checkboxes as to the documentation posted on the site.